Not Knowing Which Direction To Take

Exploring Sexuality as a Couple

Intimacy between two people takes on many forms, but sexuality is one of the more notable ones that people are curious about when discussing the subject. The act of being physically intimate with another person takes a bond of trust if there is a continuing relationship, so there is often

A Fit and Healthy Single Life

Staying fit and healthy is always good for people at any age, but it always seems to carry a heavier weight for those who are single. People who fit into this category are generally looking for a long term relationship, and they want to put their best foot forward. This

Talking About Social Anxiety Issues

Few people go through life with no issues to overcome, and social anxiety can occur at any time. Many people experience it when a major life change strikes, and it is often brought on when they feel depressed and isolated. Divorce, the death of a partner or even a difficult